CINNOX: An Omni-Channel SAAS

Product Introduction

CINNOX is a contact center with omni-channel support, especially for its calling ability. It integrates calls, SMS, web links, emails, and social channels into its service, allowing businesses to manage multiple channels for customer communication, including inbound enquiry and outbound engagement.

The strength of CINNOX lies in its calling capability, facilitating seamless connections for both on-net and off-net calls, thereby creating a frictionless calling experience.

Also, it combines with an AI engine to provide smarter operational support for agents, shortening the process for handling customer enquiries.

My Role

I had served as a UX/UI designer for the product for 3 years in CINNOX. Throughout this period, I have collaborated closely with product owners, project managers, RDs , QAs, customer service, and team members to enhance and achieve product milestones.

Major Project

AI Assistant

This project introduces "AI Labeling" and "AI Summary" features to the product.
"AI Labeling" streamlines label selection for agents by suggesting appropriate labels and creating new ones if needed.
"AI Summary" automatically detects keywords in chats and calls, providing agents with concise summaries for efficient review.

Cooperative Project

Advanced Routing

This project involved collaborating with the customer to address complex routing requirements specific to their scenario.

Chrome Extension

This feature originated from insights gleaned from customer feedback. We developed an extension to streamline the outbound context process.


Apart from feature development, I led the planning and transition of the design library and guidelines from Sketch to Figma with the team. Additionally, I facilitated user interview workshops to gather valuable insights.

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